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NaiTech (NAI) airdrop – Crypto Review

December 5, 2018

NaiTech Background

NaiTech (NAI) is a Blockchain Based Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Financial Markets. They use the ‘Wisdom of Crowd’ phenomenon, a principle which I shall talk more about in the blog.

ICO Bench: 4.4/5
ICO Rating: 5/5

I guess it’s definitely worth a digging into a bit deeper when you see what the other guys have to say about NaiTech. As always, this is NOT investment advice, but rather our view on the NaiTech project.

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Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

By now if you follow my blogs we should be aware, what the blockchain is all about. However another huge technological advancement is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is beautiful, but at the same time very scary.

With AI, machines can learn the way in which humans interact with one another. The greatest advantage of AI is that machines are able to function without stopping and perform the same task without getting bored or tired. They demonstrate human behaviours very similar to what you see in the movies like IRobot or on your IPhone when you talk to SIRI.

Over time these machines learn and act like us humans. On the flip side, a machine cannot feel emotion like humans, but if a machine can do my job, then I’m out of a job. O well…

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NAI way or No way

NaiTech are focusing on the Predictions Market within the Capital Markets. By combining the blockchain and the AI, NAi plans to become the leader in this field. AI will be used to predict the direction of the markets all the way down to the individual asset such as a stock, commodity, currency, bond or Crypto Currency.

When investing into any asset, you always look for three things.
1. Fundamental Analysis – What is the idea, does it make sense?
2. Technical Analysis – What do the charts look like?
3. Sentimental Analysis – How do others feel about it?

NAI’s solution will allow market participants to evaluate the market wider. NaiTech’s solution will even help to even understand market sentiment. This is something which is very difficult to understand when researching any project. After all we are trying to understand human behaviour.

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“Wisdom of the Crowd” principle

Not more than 20 institutions control the flow of information and predictive directions of the overall markets. These few institutions prevent the world from an equal distribution of wealth. The big guns do this because if they lose the grip on prediction and forecasting to the hands of the general public around the globe, they cannot regain it again.

Crypto markets are different, they encourage decentralisation. NaiTech uses the ‘Wisdom of Crowd Principle’ going against tradition.

Say you’re from France and you want to invest in China. You don’t know much about the Chinese markets, however you are able to connect with others in China, to understand more. The machines will also learn these answers, so over time everyone will know the most sought investments. Pretty impressive!

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With the team being led by Muhammad Ahsan Khan a BitDepositary & Pink Taxi Global UK board advisor, NaiTech looks to have great leadership. Previous experience always helps and these are pretty successful ICO’s. Muhammad’s philosophy is to create a pool of 10,000 Blockchain Professionals to solve the real world problems. It all makes sense as to why his vision is to make the markets more about people!
The projects which push the boundaries on technological advancements, usually goes down well within the crypto community. Team

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