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Airdrop Village ETH Giveaway Results

October 10, 2018

The week has passed and results are in…

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who participated. There was an amazing response to this.

Considering how many scam ETH giveaways there are out there, we want you to know that Airdrop Village does actually give out ETH to it’s community! Building our reputation on trust and also bringing community cohesion is our primary goal. Our brand values are built upon trust and also giving back to the community for being a part of this wonderful journey. Any way I can ramble on how great you all are, but let’s talk results.

150 participants took part in the giveaway

20 winners were picked at random

All 20 were messaged via Telegram

Only 7 responded within the 24 hours.

That means 0.7 ETH was sent to the participants and 1.3 ETH remains, which will be rolled over to the next giveaway. Which should be very soon.

There you have it an airdrop by the Airdroppers 😉

See our results video and comments from the winners, this makes us very happy!

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